Hospitality Retreat Opportunity
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Lake City, Colorado 

Common Interest Community information

86 bed hospitality retreat in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado.
28 cabins & log homes. Riverfront property. 23,869 sf. 3 ac m.o.l.
Cap rate 9%. Listed at $4,990,000


The Texan Resort Estates in The Rocky Mountains of the West
It's a way of experiencing the Rocky Mountain West that's all but disappearing from our society. The Texan Resort Estates (Common Interest Community) is a unique collection of contemporary rustic log cabins and log homes situated on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, on the outskirts of Lake City, in Hinsdale County, Colorado. In an effort to preserve this vanishing history of the American West,  the Texan has been developed into into common interest community elements (townhomes). Established in 1946, the various summer vacation cabins are sited on spacious lots which allows for improvement and expansion within the existing ambiance. There are large common areas on this campus composed of grassy quadrangles, a playground, a picnic pavillion, and a walkway along all of the shoreline of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River.

A  Majestic Landscape
At 8671 feet of altitude, The Texan Resort Estates sit at the gateway to the “high country” which can readily be accessed by the Alpine Loop.  This roadway offers access to some of the most spectacular scenery in the San Juan Range of the Colorado Rockies.  With 5 of Colorado’s famed fourteeners (mountains of 14,000 ft or more elevations) within sight, the setting provides spectacular views and endless opportunities for high mountain sports, hiking, sightseeing, photography, fishing and hunting.

 Remote Possibilities

Lake City is located on Colorado State Highway 149 between Gunnison and Creede. The Texan is situated at the south edge of the Town of Lake City and is accessible by major highways, even though it is in the heart of Hinsdale County which has more wild and roadless land per capita than anywhere else in the contiguous U.S.(designated a Remote County.) Additionally there is a lot of spaciousness to go around. It is designated as a “Frontier County” with less than 1 person per square mile. In spite of its remote location, the Texan Resort Estates are within walking distance of the town of Lake City which boasts one of the best collections of preserved Victorian buildings in western Colorado.


A River Runs through it

Located at the foot of Crookes Falls, the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River runs through the Texan property.  The river bank is a common area offering on-site fishing and extensive river walkpaths.   Across the bridge to the neighboring side of the river, a 1 acre recreation and fishing lake is under construction.


A Cabin Neighborhood
The Texan Resort Estates are one of the few remaining cabin and log home villages in the western Rockies. Our cabins and log homes are constructed in a contemporary rustic style designed to capture a western mountain motif and spirit of times past.  Our collection of 38 cabins and log homes offer a wide variety of choices. Units range in size from 1 to 9 beds. Several different types of logs and natural log construction styles are used throughout the property.

 Cabin Living
As a structure, a cabin was a necessity for survival in early American life. Today, a cabin is an invitation to step back in time to a simpler way of living.  At the Texan you can escape from the hectic pace of modern life. Here you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of a pristine landscape with clear mountain air, crystal clear water, and starry nights.  The Texan offers a unique opportunity to embrace a piece of American history while at the same time, enjoying the pleasures of modern life.

Click on the pictures below to view interiors of the structures...

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Alpine #27 (4 bed, 2 bath)

Columbine #29 on the river
(4 bed, 2 bath)

Elk #30 (4 bed, 2 bath)

cabin31-frm2.JPG (78782 bytes)
Horseman #31 (4 bed, 2 bath)

Bobcat #32 on the river
(4 bed, 2 bath)

High Country #34 on the river
(4 bed, 2 bath) skip-peeled logs

San Juan #35 on the river
(4 bed, 2 bath)

Motherlode #36 on the river
(4 bed, 2 bath)

Western #37 on the river
(4 bed, 2 bath)

Silver Queen #38 on the river
(4 bed, 2 bath) wraparound porch

Ute Bear #20 (4 Bed, 1 bath)

texan_cabin17E.JPG (86074 bytes)
Scandanavian # 17 (3 BR, 1 bath) 

cabin14sm.JPG (81181 bytes)
Moose #14 (3 Bed, 1 bath)

Cliff House #23 on the river
(3 Bed, 1 bath)

Ranch House #26 (3 BR, 2 bath)

Hiker #16 (2 Bed)

Swedish #19 (2 Bed)

cabin7b.JPG (26239 bytes)
Trapper #7 (2 Bed)

texan_cabin8C.JPG (78816 bytes)
Sunflower #8 (2 Bed)

cabin_9.JPG (33687 bytes)
Lincoln #9 (2 Bed)

Miner #18 (2 Bed)

cabin28-clean.JPG (67155 bytes)
Spring Creek #28 in the trees
(2 bed, 1 bath)

texan_cabin1.JPG (77186 bytes)
Fisherman # 1 (2 Bed- 1 Private Bedroom)

cabin_2b.JPG (46052 bytes)
Miss Kitty #2 (1 Bed)

cabin_3.JPG (60132 bytes)
Roy Rodgers #3 (1 Bed)

texan_cabin4.JPG (81536 bytes)
Birdwatcher #4 (1 Bed)

Hunter #5 (1 Bed)

texan_cabin6.JPG (80912 bytes)Pine #6 (1 Bed)

Lots of Fun Things to Do

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Premises Layout Map
(click image to enlarge)

texan_resort_river_view.JPG (111796 bytes)
Recreation Area (Emily Park)

cabin37-bridge3.JPG (49919 bytes)
Old Devil's Creek Bridge (relocated) to the Texan between Cabins #37 and #38


Value-added adjacent properties:

1. Texan Resort Estates - hospitality retreat
2. River front lots w/ pond rights
3. Mountain log home
4. Texan Resort Recovery - cabins & state addiction treatment license
5. 4BR Residence and Vintage log cabin

860 County Road 142 Box 156, Lake City, Colorado 81235
970-944-2246 (office) • 877-220-1179 (toll free) • direct/text (760) 533-8714

email: info@texanresort.com

Last Updated: 5/25/16
Texan Resort Estates